Most UK silver coin collectors will have paid UK 20% VAT purchasing new issue silver bullion coins from UK coin dealers. Almost all coin dealers simply won’t offer you any of that tax or coin premium back when you come to sell. Whereas when you deal direct between buyer and seller for secondary sales there is zero tax on collectable silver coins. This means you’re able to trade your silver directly between collectors at smaller margins and still get a fair price wether you’re buying or selling silver.

Try SilverHubs for comparison 

Typical bullion or coin dealer pays silver fix or often just 95% of spot: e.g. at £12 spot / oz typical silver traders offer £11.40-£12 per ounce.
SilverHubs direct buyers typical buy price for 1oz silver Britannia £2 coins: spot +25% extra: e.g = £15 per coin / no sales costs.

Sellers benefit: That’s 25% more for your silver coin collection / you get £250 more per £1000 for your silver.

Buyers benefit: £15 per 1oz silver coin is an attractive price compared to being retail.
Buying direct from sellers means you’re not paying dealer profit mark ups, or VAT.

A 20-25% premium over spot is mainly just a silver coins mintage and fair secondary market circulating value in UK. (slightly less in USA where the market is much bigger & original sales costs and taxed less than in UK or other parts of the world)

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