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Silver 1oz bullion coins in everyday trade

Making silver bullion coinage valued, useful and appreciated in everyday trade transactions for goods and services.

Silver needs a return to it’s monetary use in order to regain it’s value, price stability and appreciation.

SilverCashers research

Silvercashers are currently assessing the development of our easy to use SilverHubs platform which will enable public and retailers to trade their own silver with zero sales fees, as well as instantly and accurately value and accept silver bullion coins as payment and exchange for goods and services.

Based on valuing and acceptance of the main recognisable and easily authenticated official Mint silver bullion coinage which are recognised worldwide:

Pay by Silver

1oz Silver bullion coins – 7 key Mint bullion coins to be the benchmark silver money:

Silver 1ounce coins: USA Eagle,  Canada Maple-Leaf,  SA Krugerrand, UK Britannia,  Mexico Libertad,   Austria Philharmonic,  Perth 1oz coin bar

App & silvercashers platform – will display live bid / offer prices linked to spot plus a small trade premium to reflect a cost of coin production. Current Suggested guidance is to set the bid at 25% above the Global spot price, which incentivises sellers to use silver bullion in payment and exchange. (Spot premium can have National / territory & coin type variances)

Retailers – benefit from;

A/ an additional source of money and demand coming into their stores and markets.

B/ holding silver monetary coinage which has the ability to retain and appreciate in value

C/ Merchants can offer certain coinage to retail sale directly themselves at a small premium, or re-exchange to other merchants, or sell bulk silver to our approved trade buyers

D/ Less perishable form of currency

E/ Increased buyer interest, especially in artisan type businesses

Public / silver coin holder benefits;

A/ Using a real physical precious metal bullion coin – the feel and pleasure of holding and transacting with solid silver

B/ Ability to transact in their own units of silver currency outside the e-banking system

C/ Potential appreciation & price stability of silver coinage

D/ More general acceptance and choice for using their silver, which in turn will create greater silver demand from the coin and investment sector.

E/ Rising demand and awareness for the silver industry creates upward price pressure and helps price stability

Silver Money

If silver prices fall, holders will hoard silver bullion

Gresham’s law – bad money drives out good

As silver bullion price rises, it encourages more physical usage, thus more awareness & demand.

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SilverCashers – SilverHubs

The SilverHubs system will be a great benefit to anyone involved in the silver industry, including coin dealers, Mints, wholesale, silver miners as well as silver stackers who just love to see a return to silver being used as money.

The App, web platforms, marketing and development is currently all a private initiative, being funded and explored by myself, with a mission to see a return to the use of real money in everyday trade – using physical silver bullion coins to help encourage a common sense approach to how we use and appreciate money, benefiting everyone who appreciates ‘sound money’ rather than simply transacting with artificial constantly depreciating ‘fiat currencies’ which mainly benefit the banking systems over everyday citizens.

If you are interested in helping support this project I’d love to hear from you please get in touch – You could also directly help in the development and adaption of the SilverCashers principles by helping with ideas, resources and awareness – as well as any donations in order to help get this project into working action sooner than later!

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Proposals are being evaluated to instigate a subscription and associates facility whereby anyone interested in seeing silver price stability and silver bullion coin appreciation can join SilverHubs and help promote a return to real silver coins being used once again as real sound money and fair pricing.