SilverHubs enables buyers and sellers to trade direct with no sales fees or commissions or VAT; silver bullion 1 ounce coins, including; silver krugerrand, American 1oz silver Eagle, UK Britannia £2 bullion, Maple-Leaf, Australian Kangaroo & Kookabura, Mexico Libertad, Canadian wildlife, all .999 silver bullion coins, Dragon .9999 coin car and all collector and industry silver bars of .999 purity.

SilverHubs users appreciate all silver bullion coinage including UK & USA 50% & .900 silver, .925 Sterling silver, pre 1940 & pre 1920 British silver coins, jewellery, collectors silver ware as well as scrap silver.

SilverHubs launches 2019 please get in touch to get free access for early membership.

A Global platform for trading silver and physical silver bullion price discovery

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