Our new SILVERSAVE UK shop launches Spring 2019.

We are also developing an APP & Platform which will enable you to list your shop onto the approved SilverCashers platform signifying that you accept silver coins in payment for goods and services.

Buyers will be able to use the App to identify additional places which they can spend real silver bullion money.

Meanwhile we have various 1 oz silver bullion coins available for sale, which you can buy direct at our tax free from our UK secondary bullion coin market at low premium to bullion value.

Current 2019 UK silver bullion coins available purchase prices

1 oz silver bullion Britannia UK £2 coins, 2018 or 2019 issue: £16.95 (25+ coin rate)

Bulk 50+ ounces rate: £16.80

Our choice 1ounce silver bullion coins selected at random from Silvercashers silver sales.

Coins included may include any of these 1oz pure 999 silver coins:
USA American Eagle, UK Britannia £2 999 silver bullion coin, Mexican Libertad, Canadian Maple Leaf 9999 bullion, SA Krugerrands 999 silver coins, Perth Mint bullion coins including 1oz Dragon bars.

Free Special delivery: Fully insured next day delivery.
Payments are trade priced, for online banking payments.

No products were found matching your selection.