It might be convenient for selling odd coins & collectables on auctions sites but imagine loosing over 10% of your bullion value on a larger transaction.
E.G: sell £1000 of silver coins on eBay you will be charged 10% sales fee & 3.4% PayPal sellers fee, that’s £134 in lost deducted sales fees! Compared to trading directly yourself on SilverHubs with fellow silver coin and bar collectors, who appreciate buying and selling a fair price over spot, with zero final price selling fees, zero final value sales commission.

0% zero final value sales fees to sell your own low cost silver

Quick price comparison of selling costs

Sell 10 lots of £/$ 500 silver auctions; £5000 $ on ebay at their standard sellers 10% fees will cost you: £500 in sales fees! + 340 Paypal 3.4% fee.
1 years full Silverhub-member cost: £35 gives you un-limited sales listings, person to person, with as many free trades, sales and exchanges of silver as you wish. i.e place 10 x £500 trades on the platform and your average costs are just £3.50e SilverHubs v £50e on ebay.

That’s a total cost ebay of £500 v £35 on SilverHubs – hardly a comparison!
PLUS – SilverHubs gives you totally free access to all of our resources and community.

That’s £465 of fees saved in just 5k of sales.

Imagine if you’re a larger seller with 50k of silver to trade over say 2-3 years. That’s an incredible £4895 in fees you’d save!

SilverHubs silver sales forum

Plus you get all of the community trade benefits – included, totally free to network, build connections, contact fellow members, trade direct p2p
SilverHubs positively encourages free trade – we don’t restrict it!

Get in touch – drop us a line to be amongst the first to get a free trial access to SilverHubs

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