Indicative silver coin prices – suggested sales prices for private sellers using SilverHubs free sales platforms.
Rarer / scarce collectable numismatic, fine, or graded silver coins or rare silver bars can fetch substantially higher prices, more dependant on collector demand.

1oz silver bullion coins – typical sale prices

UK Britannia 1998-2007 spot +50-200%
UK Britannia 2008-2015 spot +50-150%
UK Britannia 2016-2019 spot +20%-40%

World 1oz .9999 silver coins spot +25-40%

UK pre 1920 .925 coins spot +10-50%

UK pre 1940 .500 silver coins spot +5-25%

Silver bullion bars 1-100ounces spot +5-40%

Any silver bullion sold privately should be weighed, recorded and packages opened under camera, as well as tested for authenticity, correct weight, type and purity.