How to sell silver bullion coins for the best trade prices in the UK?
SilverCashers UK provide a unique different approach to selling your silver bullion coins, without any sales fees, commissions, middle-men, or auction costs.
We believe that you should get a fair price for re-selling your own silver coins.

silver bullion britannia uk coins
UK Fair trade – paying over spot silver for UK Britannia £2 silver bullion coins

What is SilverCashers fair trade price?
UK silver coin buyers will typically pay well over spot price to accurately reflect the costs of silver production, coin minting and delivery etc
How much more than 100% spot silver price can I expect to get?
SilverHubs coin collectors and bullion buyers will usually offer you an extra 5-25% above the industry standard silver spot rate. For silver with added numismatic/collectable value – dependant on coins, type, quantity, grades etc – it would usually be substantially better.

What silver do SilverCashers buy?: Silvercashers pay industry leading prices for solid .999 silver bullion coins including; USA American Eagles 1ounce coin, UK Britannia £2 999 silver bullion coins, Mexican Libertad in all bullion 1oz and part ounce sizes, Canadian Maple Leaf 9999 bullion, SA Krugerrands 999 silver coins years, 2017,2018,2019 all versions, Perth Mint bullion coins including 1oz Dragon bars.

1troy ounce silver bullion coins
Silvercashers help silver bullion coin investors re-sell your silver coins

How are Silvercashers able to offer us more for our silver coins than bullion or scrap silver dealers?
Because most silver coin and bullion dealers are basing their buy prices at the trade derived silver spot price they tend to offer coin sellers a standard fixed price which is at silver spot, or in many cases even under spot price. Because the newer pure .999 or .9999 bullion versions of 1oz silver coins often have little extra intrinsic value, a lot of coin dealers will only value these around the industrial spot price when you come to sell your silver.

We’re silver bugs at heart!

Silvercashers are also real silver fans – we’re actively working with the silver industry to develop a return to silver coinage being used in everyday transactions
St Jacobi George dragon silver 1ounce bullion coin
Collectors and buyers of World Mint silver bullion coins

SilverHubs – the place to discover, trade & sell silver at zero % commission

SilverHubs silver trading forums for buying and selling silver coins

As Silver bugs – we are always looking for innovative ways to encourage greater appreciation of silver which throughout history has been the Worlds primary monetary metal. We are firmly committed to helping the industry return to a silver coin monetary standard to create better appreciation and price stability for silver bullion coin holders.