As a fan of real silver money, I’m here to help you get a fair price and easy access to sale and exchange facilities when it’s time to sell your silver coins.

Steve Hotson, SilverHubs

SilverHubs  – Silver trade fair & easy
a global community for silver.

SilverHubs – all new platform and silver coin exchange which enables you to trade, buy, sell and exchange silver coins, free & direct p2p.

Silvercashers.uk – is our UK based research site as we develop the SilverHubs platform to enable you to get a fair price selling your silver bullion and collectors coins –

plus info and research for all things silver.

After frustratingly trying to find places to sell my own silver, I’d come to realise that there’s a missing link when it comes to re-selling your silver coins for a fair price, without loosing a big chunk of your investment to sales commissions and listing fees.

SilverHubs solution: free to list your silver bullion coins for-sale with SilverCashers.uk & SilverHubs.com

Buy & Sell direct with fellow collectors – VAT FREE SILVER

SilverCasher & Silverhubs
Are a research and awareness platform – in pre-launch trials and are not as yet actively operational.

SilverHubs do not directly buy silver, it’s a platform to enable you to trade your silver directly between buyers and sellers yourself, without incurring listing costs or sales fees.
If you are sending silver bullion coins to buyers always ensure you take necessary steps to authenticate the buyer, their identity, feedback etc and use insured tracked special delivery to deliver your items.

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e: launch@silverhubs.com